End Times Prophecy: Unraveling the Mysteries of Meteors, Pandemics, and Climate Changes with Speculation on Alien Involvement, below is a leaked video β€ŽπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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The tension between countries such as the United States, Russia, China, Israel, Iran or North Korea, all of which have nuclear weapons under their belts, is a major concern and perhaps the most palpable at the moment.


Very few people pay attention to this, but nature is possibly our biggest threat. Supervolcanoes have been around forever, and according to Walsh, there’s a good chance that one or several will wipe us out.

They are literally a ticking time bomb that can be activated at any time. In Wyoming, for example, there is the most famous Yellowstone supervolcano on the planet, which is active today and has erupted three times in the last 2.1 million years.

If it exploded now, it would turn into an inferno of burning lava, ash, and toxic gases about 45 kilometers in diameter. The land that destroyed 640,000 years ago. But its lava isn’t the only concern. A supervolcano could cause earthquakes that would destroy entire cities, the emission of toxic gases would wipe out entire ecosystems, including us. And that would be just one.

Alien Invasion

At this point, Walsh separates the β€œReal” threats from the β€œProbable” ones, assuring that while there is no indication yet that they may happen, they are still a likely cause of the world’s destruction.

You’re starting with an alien invasion; With the number of galaxies, planets, stars, and rock formations that exist in the universe, the probability that another intelligent civilization has not developed is low.

Therefore, this possibility also leads us to think that there is a race superior to humans, capable of destroying the world, as well as the nations that have conquered others in the past.


According to NASA, Walsh mentions that the chances of an asteroid colliding with Earth aren’t as low as we think, but it wouldn’t lead to extinction either… at least not to the impact itself. For example, with the dinosaurs, what caused their extinction didn’t

It was the impact, but what happened after that; large amounts of sulfur that left the Earth and rose into the atmosphere, reflecting off the Sun and causing its light not to reach the planet as usual this not only changed the entire climate of the planet, but also changed food resources.

Climate Change

Climate change is a somewhat sensitive issue today. There are people who take it very seriously, others just remember it. While it’s a threat that could change many things in the world, Walsh believes that, unlike biotechnology, climate change won’t cause catastrophic changes to the planet. The scientist assures that human beings as a species are concerned with being one step ahead of the disasters generated by themselves


Infectious Disease

The chances of a deadly infection causing the destruction of the World, at least by itself, are low. Working in Hong Kong in 2003, Walsh says he witnessed Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, a deadly and unknown disease, appear out of nowhere. But as has happened throughout human history, this seemed to have a kind of time limit.

So it’s not just conspiracy theorists who are the only ones talking about the destruction of the planet and the end of humanity. The scientific community is also much more prevalent than everyone believes. What do you think of these statements? We’re on the verge of collapse

as a civilization? Watch the following video and leave your comment.

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