Due to the fact that his owner is the only thing in his life, the devoted dog will not leave him.

Vctor Reyna Vásquez’s relatives had no idea that he would meet a horrible end. The 57-year-old guy lives in Montemorelos, Mexico, and is an alcoholic.

He had just left the home as normal, but when roaming along the train tracks at Va Tampico and Calle Escobedo, Barrio La Estación, the guy was involved in a horrific collision that cost him his life.

So they discovered the devoted dog entirely wrapped up close to its owner.

It was late at night, he was inebriated, and the train conductor couldn’t see him. Vctor Reyna Vásquez, on the other hand, was not alone; he was joined by his trusty dog, who had been his inseparable friend for several years.

The dog belonged to the dead man’s uncle at first, but he eventually picked it as his buddy. Victor had a fairly problematic and dissipated life, but the dog never abandoned him, not even at the moment of his death from him.

It was tough to approach Vctor Reyna Vásquez’s body with this selfless protector.

When Mexican officials came at the location to identify the body and remove it from the railway lines, they were startled to discover Vctor’s body guarded by the magnificent dog.

In reality, the dog made the authorities’ job a little more difficult since anybody who tried to approach Victor’s body was warned by the dog, who was determined to preserve his master’s integrity at any cost.

The photo of the dog accompanying his owner selflessly went popular on social media, and the Governor of Montemorelos learnt of the animal’s devotion. His gesture of loyalty so astounded him that he volunteered to adopt him.

Initially, the governor assumed that with the death of Vctor Reyna Vásquez, the pet would be alone in the world, but the dog really has a very basic home. When Vctor’s relatives found out about the politician’s plans, they consented to his proposition.

Vctor Reyna Vásquez’s family spoke with officials.

Victor’s family is exceedingly humble, so they understand that the dog would have a better quality of life under the care of the state governor.

His master’s continual wanderings rendered him effectively homeless, and he lacked the attention that a pet needed.

The dog will receive all of the required care and will live a more peaceful existence.

The dog has been assigned to Civil Protection and will be sent to a veterinarian care facility for a thorough medical examination. He was meant to start a new life in the governor’s residence in Montemorelos from there.

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