Dog Found Sealed In Wooden Box Finds A Home With The Person Who Saved Him

A pitbull found trapped in a wooden box and left to die found a loving home with the person who pried him free.

According to , Good Samaritans noticed a wooden box near the Oklahoma River that appeared to be a doghouse with a board nailed over the entrance.

After further investigation, they realized there was something inside the box. PEOPLE that Feleciana Ramirez was among those to discover the box and she pried the screwed-in board off the entrance and discovered an emaciated, desparte pitbull trapped inside.

That pittie, now named Diego, was in bad shape when the Good Samaritans transferred him to . After he was taken in there, he was transferred to

That animal rescue shared his heartbreaking story on fb , saying, “This beautiful boy was shoved into a dog house that was not much more than a wooden box with barely any room to turn around and then the entrance was boarded up and screwed in place. He was dumped near the river with no food or water for an unknown amount of time, just left to die. Luckily, he was found and rescued. There were scratch marks on the entrance from where he desperately tried to escape. His body is covered in scars and wounds. He is emaciated. He has suffered physically and emotionally, likely far longer than just his time in that box.”

According to people , Diego found a loving foster home to start recovering both physically and emotionally from the trauma he endured.

The rescue shared on that the pup “put on 20 pounds from when he was found until he was adopted by his amazing rescuer.”

In the end, Feleciana Ramirez, the rescuer that freed Diego from the box and saved his life, welcomed Diego into her home and life for good.

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