Do Hamsters Need Wheels?

Those who have raised hamsters must buy a wheel for the mouse, but what is a running wheel? Why do hamsters need wheels?

Effects of running wheels on hamsters?

The hamster running wheel allows mice to run even when there is not much room in the cage. In the wild, a hamster can run several miles a night, so living in a cage, it will be difficult for a mouse to run on wheels.

This is the best solution for a hamster to run in a cage.

Do Hamsters Need Wheels?
Do Hamsters Need Wheels?

With wheels, your hamster can go amazingly long distances without leaving the house. In fact, hamsters that run on wheels have been known to run upwards of 5 miles a night, or about 8 kilometers.

All of these activities are good exercise for hamsters, making them more likely to stay healthy and not get too fat! The running wheel is also something for hamsters because it is different from the natural environment, but it meets the needs of mice that are only in a cage.

The study found that hamsters with running wheels were less likely to chew on the cage. Even female mice that regularly exercised on the wheel gave birth more easily than those who did not exercise on the wheel.

What types of hamster wheels are there?

Both metal and plastic hamster wheels have pros and cons.


  • Metal wheels are more durable than plastic wheels. Metal is a stronger material than plastic, so hamsters are less likely to damage metal wheels by chewing on them.
  • Plastic wheels are usually sealed so the mouse runs safely without slipping


  • The metal wheels are not sealed, the mouse is easy to slip and hurt when running
  • Plastic wheels: easily damaged by mice

What size hamster wheel?

We recommend a minimum wheel size of 6.5 inches (approx. 10 cm) for dwarf rats and Roborovski rats, and a minimum wheel size of 8 inches (approx. 20 cm) for large hamsters, including Syrian hamsters.

In fact, buying a small hamster is nothing to worry about compared with them, but it would be better for hamsters if the wheels are bigger, so that they can run more comfortably, just like running on the ground, without turning around.

Bending over when the mouse is running is very bad for the health of the hamster. If you ever see your hamster arch its back while running, you should switch to a larger running wheel.

Are hamster wheels noisy?

Hamster wheels can make a lot of noise, but it depends on which wheels you choose to buy. In case the running wheel causes commotion, don’t give up the running wheel, you can consider changing the position of the mouse cage, so as not to affect the health of the hamster due to infrequent exercise.


A running wheel for your hamster is a must. It’s like a hamster hobby and can help your hamster stay healthy too.

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