Discovery of Blood-Soaked Corpse of ‘Mermaid’ on English Beach

A man discovered a mysterious bloody body that he believed to be that of a “mermaid” on England’s famous Great Yarmouth beach on October 2.

An account named Paul Jones posted a clip on Facebook in which he claimed that the creature was the body of a “mermaid”. Images provided showed the body had a human-like skull and at least one bloody arm and torso.

Paul Jones’s article has received 15,000 shares on Facebook. Paul Jones wrote: “Today in Great Yarmouth we saw what looked like a dead mermaid washed up on the beach”.

Many people expressed shock when watching the clips and images and thought that mermaids were real. However, many opinions said that the body looked like a human body with its legs bound in a plastic bag. Others thought it was the body of a seal.