Decoding Egyptian Hieroglyphs: A Glimpse into the Past or Evidence of Time-Travel?

According to some archaeology enthusiasts, there is now evidence that time travel exists, as they claim to have found a helicopter and plane depicted in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. The sacred carvings were discovered in the temple of Seti I in Abydos, a historic city in Egypt dating back 3,000 years.

The inscriptions appear to show futuristic-looking aircrafts alongside snakes and insects, leading some to suggest that they are proof of time travel. Pseudoscientists have even claimed that a photo of the hieroglyphs, posted on YouTube by user Walid Haddad, depicts a modern-day rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft.

At a UFO conference held in London, Chairman of Manchester’s Association of Paranormal Investigation & Training, Stephen Meera, appeared to back up these claims. He pointed out the rotor blade and rudder depicted in the hieroglyphs, suggesting that they are worth considering as evidence of ancient knowledge of aircraft.

However, sceptics are not convinced, arguing that none of the Egyptian writings ever mention aircraft or time-travelling creatures. The Rain is Cool blog dismisses the claims as a simple error made thousands of years ago and not evidence of time travel. Despite the debate, the hieroglyphs continue to fascinate and intrigue both experts and the public alike.

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