Corgi Puppy Struggles To Breathe A Day After Being Adopted

A 3-month-old Pembroke/Welsh corgi mix named Cooper was rescued from an overcrowded shelter in Oklahoma by It Takes A Village Animal Rescue & Resources in Iowa. He received a clean bill of health on intake and was adopted a few days later.

But that is just where his story begins.

The following morning his new family awoke to find Cooper struggling to breathe. They rushed him to an emergency veterinary clinic where he was diagnosed with severe infectious pneumonia and immediately started on oxygen.

Confused and scared, Cooper was surrendered back to the shelter, his chance at a family stripped away from him.

He remained at the emergency clinic on oxygen for four days where the medical team repeated scans of his lungs and administered antibiotics.

The little guy is expected to make a full recovery as long as he receives the treatment he needs.

The rescue reached out to Greater Good Charities’ Emergency Animal Fund for help with the costly vet bills and ongoing care. Emergency Animal Medical Fund was started to provide grants to animal shelters and rescues to cover the costs of medical care to save lives of shelter pets like Cooper.

Cooper already has several people inquiring about adopting him, but he needs to get better first. The rescue told us he loves to snuggle and is very playful when he’s not feeling sick.

Help us meet our goal of $4,375 to help Cooper breathe easy. Your support will not only give Cooper hope to keep fighting, but your donations will help cover his costly care and the ongoing treatment he will need.

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