CIA Recovers 2 Intact UFOs – Mind-Blowing Revelations

CIA’s Secret Mission: Recovering UFOs Around the World!

A local CIA secret office has reportedly been tasked with recovering UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) that have crashed worldwide over the decades, according to exclusive sources cited by Daily Mail.

Sources revealed that at least 9 spacecraft that appear non-human have been recovered by the US government, with some damaged and 2 intact.

The Global Access Office (OGA), a division of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) under the Directorate of Science and Technology, has played a central role since 2003 in gathering what could be extraterrestrial aircraft.

Illustration of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).

While these shocking claims might sound like they’re from a sci-fi novel, they provide additional evidence that the US government may actually be concealing advanced non-human-made vehicles.

Back in July, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer endorsed a bill to allow the public disclosure of “retrieved data on the origins as well as the biological evidence of non-human intelligence,” which has now been passed by the Senate.

Some sources also shared with DailyMail about the CIA secretly retrieving and storing crashed or landed UFOs on Earth.

The sources also mentioned that the CIA has a system for distinguishing UFOs while they’re hidden, and if non-human aircraft land, crash, or are brought to Earth, special military units are dispatched to recover the craft.

Another source familiar with the OGA’s role said the agency specializes in enabling the US military to secretly access areas worldwide where they’re denied entry.

“They’re basically the coordinators of getting people in and out of countries. They’re very clever at being able to get to anywhere in the world they want,” the source revealed.

Sources knowledgeable about OGA operations disclosed that most of the agency’s campaigns involve conventional recovery missions, such as lost nuclear weapons, downed satellites, or rival technologies. However, they affirmed that some OGA-coordinated missions are related to recovering UFOs.

Documents released by the US National Archives and Records Administration in December 2016 revealed that OGA is one of the 56 offices within the CIA, with leaders and deputy leaders being 2 out of 286 director-level officials in the agency.

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