Braνe Dog Risked His Life By Taƙing Four Bullets To Saνe His Owner From Armed Robbers

They shot him three times — but he wouldn’t let them get near his boy.

Rex is a German Shepherd that lives in Washington state with his family. Last week, the dog risked his life to save his 16-year-old brother, Javier. And for that, Rex deserves to be labeled a hero.

On Wednesday afternoon, Rex and Javier were home alone when two robbers broke in. Fearful, Javier fled upstairs and hid in a bedroom closet while on the phone with police, according to Q13 Fox News.

Meanwhile, Rex refused to back down.
According to Javier’s aunt, the dog approached the intruders, who then attacked him. The dog then fled, but he was still fighting.

“All bruised up and bloodied from the beating, Rex raced back to the top level to check on his master, who was still cowering in the closet,” Susy Cadena wrote. “Soon after, the robbers went upstairs and wrecked all of the bedrooms. As they approached the room where my nephew was hiding in the closet, Rex hurled himself at them with the little power he had left in him, knowing my nephew was in danger.”

The robbers then opened fire on Rex, hitting him at least three times. They then ran away from the scene, leaving Javier unhurt.

Rex’s new battle began.

Rex was brought to BluePearl Veterinary Clinic in Renton when officials arrived. He was stabilized, but he would need surgery to be saved, something Rex’s family couldn’t afford on their own.

That’s when hundreds of strangers came to the rescue.

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