Because Of His Huge Size, No One Want To Adopt The 60 Kilos Big Boi Basher

Basher was a wonderful shelter dog who had to wait years for the love of a home since no one wanted to adopt him due to his huge size. Fortunately, the cane corso, which stands more than 1.8 meters tall and weighs about 60 kilograms of love, was able to find the perfect home for him.

When Basher came to RSPCA Cornwall in 2021 as a transfer from another shelter, rescuers hoped to find him a permanent home as soon as possible since it was obvious that this gentle giant was neither scary nor frightening to look at, radiating serenity and tranquillity.

“Basher is very gentle and silly,” RSPCA Cornwall member Sammy Howard told The Dodo. “People would definitely assume he’s big and scary looking at him, but that couldn’t be further from the reality. He is not a mean person in the least “He continued.

Basher had found a family not long after coming, but they had returned him after just a few days. The rescuers, on the other hand, never lost up hope, believing that they would eventually find him a forever home. Meanwhile, they made certain that this big dog enjoyed all of his favorite pastimes.

“Basher adored taking gentle walks down the road to greet the cows; we suppose he mistook himself for one of them,” Sammy explained. “He was an adept at snoozing and spent a lot of time on his bed, sunning and sleeping,” he went on to say. Similarly, he said that the dog was so gossipy that he would peer out of his kennel to see what everyone was up to.

The rescue team, on the other hand, watched as the enormous dog was disregarded at the shelter. “Seeing the amount of animals waiting in rescue shelters is always terrible, but Basher was extra tough because we all had such a close attachment with him and simply wanted what was best for him,” Sammy stated.

But, as the months passed, rescuers never gave up hope that he would find someone perfect. Basher eventually found a home and was adopted 448 days after his birth. “It was an incredible experience,” Sammy remarked. “When he departed, the staff that worked closest to him was in tears,” he continued.

Basher is now doing well in his new home, where his family has gone out of their way to ensure his comfort and safety. Although he formerly fretted that he was too big to be joyful, the magnificent Cane Corso now lives contentedly knowing that he is exactly the correct size and perfect for his loved ones.

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