Animal Control Officers Find Dog SH๏τ, Bound, and Buried Alive

Our heart really goes out to dogs that experience abuse. With so much love to give, it shocks us when we hear how they are sometimes treated.

Such was the case for a dog named Star. Her former owner claims he thought Star was too old, so he decided to shoot her

Fortunately, that wasn’t the end of the story for this lovely dog. Animal Welfare Department officers in Malta were out investigating another case when they heard whimpering.

Upon investigation, they found Star, whose nose was just barely poking out of the soil. Immediately, they started digging with their hands to uncover her snout, and what they found was unthinkable.

Not only was Star buried alive, but she had also been sH๏τ multiple times with pellets in the head and had her snout and paws bound. Amazingly, she was alive, and it’s even more impressive that she was found.

After investigating, they found her former owner, Alfred Vella. He confessed to animal cruelty charges and received three months in jail, along with an $11,000 fine.

After rescuing Star, she quickly began to recover. She even recovered to the point where they were prepared to put her with a forever family.

Unfortunately, after being sent to the family to adjust to her new home, she returned because she was unwell. Star was taken to the St. Francis Animal Care Centre, where she stabilized, but then her condition began deteriorating.

Unfortunately, Star pᴀssed away from pancreaтιтis. The International Animal Rescue that even though she had been improving remarkably despite her injuries, she couldn’t be saved from this last problem.

Star may be gone, but she continues to inspire people to protest against animal cruelty in Malta. They are hoping that more changes on the horizon to help protect these animals.

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