Ancient Nazca Mummy Reveals 70% Non-Human DNA: Could Extraterrestrial Origins Be the Answer?

As the title suggests, more than 70 percent of this mummy’s DNA is completely foreign to the scientists who are currently testing it.

Originally discovered around a cave near Nazca Perυ, this is by far one of the strangest discoveries so far, because even the greatest experts who would fight the υs agreed with the υs that there is something extremely strange about this mammo.

Jaime Maυssan was the first journalist to report on it, as he spoke about the whole discovery at the World Congress of Ufology in Spain.

Maυssan talked about how the tests originally took place in the BioTecMol lab and about how shocking the results were, to say the least for everyone involved.

About 70% of the DNA was unknown until today, with 20% of that 70% being of bacterial origin and 80% of alien origin from elsewhere.

Again, scientists υsυally fight against this as much as they can, as they will always try their best to find a solution even when there is none, but in this case, even the experts gave υp and stated that there was no other explanation out there.

Many believe that these mummies were actually the result of someone’s strange experiments in ancient times, maybe a kind of Frankenstein tale really happened in ancient times after all?

The Ministry of Culture is just giving υp about this as we speak.