Abused pitbull thrown from a car was put to sleep: “He left the world being loved”

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There are creatures that for tragic reasons of fate are condemned to a life of suffering and unpleasant experiences, without finding a way out of their agony. All this as a consequence of the misconduct of criminal and irresponsible individuals who subject them to this state of torment.

A tragic case that serves as an example is everything that happened with Taho , a pitbull dog that from birth was forced to experience physical and psychological trauma that transformed him into an aggressive dog . Unfortunately, this rescued canine in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States, was put to death after they could not improve his behavior From him.

This furry man was hurled from a moving vehicle when his owner was escaping from the authorities on January 30. The puppy was hit by another vehicle in the midst of this tragic situation and was later deposited in the hands of different organizations that protect animal rights .

The former owner of the dog had a history of animal abuse and it was later discovered that at just 7 months old she had been the victim of severe abuse that generated in her an attitude of rage and dread.

As reported by the Pet Haven organization, all possible efforts were made for Taho’s recovery, from his medical care to improve his injury in the fit product of the blow, as well as to soothe his anxieties and tension, so that his attitude could improve. However, after months of treatment it was impossible.

“He was given the time and space to decompress, to feel safe and loved, to trust, and just be. But it wasn’t enough to erase the atrocities that were done to him in the past and we had to say farewell. Goodbye to this precious soul who had been living her life in incessant dread, anxiety, and severe trauma. A tormented existence, ”the shelter reported on his Facebook account .

According to what was reported by this organization, the dog was involved in numerous attacks and nipping its caregivers . From the people who were his temporary home, those who treated him at the shelter and those who were in charge of his vaccination, they resulted in bites .

“ Taho was constantly in an unhealthy state of mind where he was either very fearful or in an extremely intense obsession to bite someone or get at something. Taho was not a candidate for a sanctuary . He was not a candidate for another home . He was a serious peril to the community . And we could not, in good conscience, let him continue to endure in this state of anxiety and daily traumas, ”he detailed.

“We want to make it clear that behavioral euthanasia is not a first choice decision. Never. It is looking at the quality of life of an animal as a whole and then expending all options to improve it. We did everything we could for Taho and although he didn’t sense it for most of his life, you can be sure he left this world feeling loved. Run free and rest comfortably, Taho . Pieces of our souls will always be with you,” he added.

The shelter also did not have all the resources for Taho to recover and this also influenced his fate

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