Abandoned Dog Found Tied in Garbage Bag Rescued from River Bed Just in Time

Two women were walking along the rivers of Messina, in southern Italy, when the muffled whimpers of an animal caught their attention. The women investigated to find a dog encased in a trash bag, dumped among the rotting carcasses of other animals.

The women tore open the bag and were horrified to see the abandoned dog tied up in electrical wires as the pests devoured its raw flesh. The dog was also paralyzed due to physical trauma to its hind legs. He greedily drank the water they gave him.

Linda Li, an animal rescue volunteer, arrived and took the dog in for medical assistance. She named the dog Olivierio. The vets found that Oliviero was dehydrated, hungry, and too weak to stand. It’s a miracle he stayed alive this long.

Oliviero was rid of all ticks and fly larvae. Then a nice woman volunteered to take him in while he recovered. But Oliviero won the woman over with his love, and she decided to adopt him!

Today, Oliviero is happy in his home forever. He is comfortable and loved, and finally living the life he deserves. His transformation is not only in his body but also in his heart, mind, and soul!

Watch the video above to see how these women saved Oliviero from death!

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