A Puppy’s Tale: The Sad Story of a Roadside Companion

Losing a loved one is heartbreaking, and it may be difficult to move on. It’s heartbreaking to witness a child who has been abandoned by their parents go without receiving adequate love and care.

The depressing tale of the several-month-old dog was posted online. This netizen’s tragic story will undoubtedly wake you up. Have you prepared?

This pup exudes such melancholy and depression. It does not play and run about with excitement as other pups do. This tiny white creature is still seated on the drain cover.

The people won’t first notice anything out of the ordinary. The puppy continues to act in this manner for a few days. It arrived in the same location unchanged, carrying a melancholy expression.

The netizen then proceeded to bring the puppy home after discovering that the little puppy had no owner. But something unexpected happened after a few days the puppy was taken home.

He did not know why it insists to go back to the drain cover it used to go to before.

Just like before, its behavior and attitude did not change, it crawled on the drain cover and did not want to leave, plus occasionally heard it making a sad noise from its tiny nose.

Coincidentally a pedestrian who seemed to know the puppy said “This puppy is still here?” unknowingly.

Hearing the words, the puppy’s new owner was shocked and immediately realizes why the puppy was behaving like that. Apparently, the father of the puppy was hit by a hit-and-run car when the dog families were crossing the street.

At that time the parents of the puppy did not run away and the car hit them, so the puppy is left without its parents. Its mother died on the drain cover and its body was buried by one of the kind-hearted residents.

Since the incident, the little white was always on the drain cover, and did not want to leave it. It seems to be waiting for them to come back.

This incident clearly shows that not only humans, but animals also have feelings, but they do not express them as humans do.

The little white stays in its owner’s car. They may still be confused about what is happening and still do not understand what death is. It may not even know that her parents will not return.

Its sadness only reflects how its heart was destroyed by the death of its parents. Although nothing can replace the position of its parents with the presence of its new owner he will continue to survive.

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