Unwavering Love: Homeless Child Gives His Dog a Coat to Keep Him Warm

This week, an independent film producer based in Karachi, Pakistan, Mohammad Imran Belaal, was taking pictures in the street when he noticed something peculiar.

A dog is wearing a sweater or “t-shirt”. Mohammad intended to take a memorable snapshot, but what happened next made the event special to him.

The dog was fed and played with a homeless boy, who provided him with his sweater to keep him warm.

He smiles so beautifully and feels so happy when he finishes the pictures of this couple.

Then Mohammad Imran Belaal posted these pictures on social media and it became famous.

People were asking how to help the boy and his dog.

A GоFunndМе page has been set up by a friend of the photographer, Shumanb Jamal Nasіr, ​​where donations can be made to provide the bow and the dog with clothing, food, shelter and appropriate medical care.

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