A Blind Dog’s Path to Love

A blind beagle was found on a road in Alabama. He had been brutally hurt before.

One of his eyes and neck was injured, while the other was completely gone. He was also lost and lonely. Shep was adopted by his new mom after being picked up by Two by Two Animal Rescue, and they posted about him on Facebook.

Shep’s mother, Micah Larsen Brannon, said: “One night, as soon as I saw a picture of Shep, I knew we should be together.”According to a veterinarian, Shep may have been tied up and away for some time before being found. Shep was found frozen to death and severely damaged by eye disease.

They took him to an ophthalmologist, who determined that Shep’s remaining eye was completely blind from a serious injury and needed amputation.”No one really knows how long he was blind; We don’t know how long his injuries went untreated,” Isaiah added.

However, due to blindness in both eyes, the dog appears calm. Shep is 8 years old and happy with her new life. He is fast and able to do whatever he wants.

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