A 9-year-old German Shepherd called Sarge turned into a surrogate and kind mother for numerous parentless fawns

People will always admire dogs for their special capacity to be kind, compassionate, and devoted. Their kind hearts welcome anyone in need of comfort, care, and safety.

It includes not just humans, but also other living things. Sarge, a kind German Shepherd, looks for orphaned fawns.

Cheryl Stephan, her owner, is a big-hearted lady who has adopted numerous orphaned animals over the years, including some small fawns.

Sarge was very friendly and nice to all of the new animals, but he had a special soft spot for Buckheat, the first orphaned deer Cheryl adopted.

Sarge had wonderful sentiments in his heart the first time he encountered this adorable creature. He was captivated to this fawn right away and quickly became his guardian.

Buckwheat’s care was overseen by the compassionate dog in every way. He swiftly took up the vital role of “mom” to the fawn.

The dog followed Fawn everywhere he went, trying to make sure everything was OK with Buckheat. Sarge had to go find the fawn and bring him back when he grew up and ventured out on his own.

Cheryl had to release Buckheat into the wild as he matured and became stronger. That made the good dog extremely sad. His owner even predicted that he would never be as nice to other animals as he was to this one.

Fortunately, she was mistaken. Sarge’s sympathy reappeared whenever Cheryl delivered additional fawns for rehabilitation. He rapidly became a babysitter for these amazing creatures.

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